Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Microsoft Source Analysis for C#

Unless you are already used to (and we hardly do), one of the hardest things when writing code is to maintain it well documented and well formatted to everyone (even to ourselves) understand what is writing.

Computers cannot review our source code, yet! Thinking on that, a Microsoft employee developed a tool called StyleCop, that, although not used by everyone within the company, has greatly helped lots of teams to maintain their code well organized.

Here you can find the history of the tool and a short explanation on why some Microsoft employees do not follow the (about) 200 rules established by StyleCop.

The tool integrates quite well with Visual Studio allowing different configurations for each project. Downloading the SDK allows you to customize it and even write your own rules. There is also a plugin for StyleCop called StyleCop+ with lots of other rules that can be used to standardize the source code of your project.

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